The Ultimate Horse Desensitizing Training Tool

The Ribbon Wand and smaller Riding Wand are the newest and most versatile tools available in horse desensitization and training. 

The Ribbon Wand can be used to desensitize a horse for motion, sound, and touch. Safely spin the ribbons above, behind, and around the horse. Drape them over sensitive areas such as the face. Wrap around legs and cinch area, and snap the ribbons to simulate gunfire.


No matter your plans for your horse, The Ribbon Wand can make horse training and desensitizing less stressful, boost confidence, and build trust. 

With the help of The Ribbon Wand, create a more relaxed partnership with your best friend today!


Owner, Brenda Schillinger with her inspi


Don’t Take Our Word For It

“The ribbons die the minute they touch the horse. It’s an ideal tool to help the horse calm quickly. The Ribbon Wand is one of the greatest tools I have found to desensitize a horse.”

TJ Clibborn, horse trainer

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