Raven’s Equine Products, LLC and The Ribbon Wand were born from Brenda Schillinger’s love of one very special horse, Raven.

Raven, a Percheron-cross, came from a background that left her lacking in confidence and easily spooked by sudden movements. A spooky horse of any size can be intimidating, but with Raven measuring in at over 17 hands, Brenda knew she needed to gain her new mare’s trust as quickly as possible. However, Brenda hadn’t worked with desensitizing a horse before and was worried that many of the current desensitizing tools on the market required an experienced hand to use properly. She wanted something safe for the horse and foolproof for the user.

With that goal, she developed The Ribbon Wand. The Ribbon Wand features colorful ribbons attached to a comfortable-to-hold wand, making it a fun-to-use tool that offers a gentle approach.


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